3 Incredible Benefits of Using Textured Cardstock

There are a lot of advantages of using textured cardstock over regular. Learn how you can make a bigger statement with textured paper in this article.

Here at Announcement Converters, you have an absolute plethora of paper choices available to you, so we understand when it gets overwhelming. Color and weight are both concerns all on their own, but you shouldn’t forget about the value of texture on your paper as well. Textured paper adds an important tactile element to anything you make on it. We’ll show you three incredible benefits of using textured cardstock so you can see what we mean.

Creates Extra Depth

You can’t get around the fact that paper is a flat medium. However, just because your message looks two-dimensional doesn’t mean it can’t feel three-dimensional. Textured cardstock offers you a ton of options for creating depth in your project. Different textures layered on top of one another can imply a level of depth and detail that you simply can’t get without it. That kind of depth is what makes invitations or cards stand out from anyone else’s.

Gives a Personalized Feel

Using normal paper or cardstock for something as important as, say, a wedding invitation feels like a waste because of how impersonal it is. The last thing you want is for whatever project you’re working on to feel like it came off the line at a factory. That’s exactly what highly textured cardstock helps prevent. The authenticity and personalization you can impart into a message on textured cardstock is one of its best features. You can create something wholly unique to yourself with careful use of textured cardstock.

Imparts Importance

When you need a message or something else to impart gravitas onto what’s being read, there’s no better way to get it than with textured cardstock. It helps differentiate your letter or invitation from the rest of the basic paper that people deal with every moment of their everyday lives. The tactile feedback one gets from textured cardstock is the key to imparting how important that particular piece of paper is.

Seeing the incredible benefits of using textured cardstock, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration as to how you can use it to your benefit. For a huge variety of bulk specialty paper, textured or otherwise, stick around and check out Announcement Converters’ store pages to see what you might be able to come up with for your next project.