3 Stunning Applications for Glitter Cardstock

Knowing how to use glitter cardstock can take a little bit of finesse to get right. Here are a few great ways to utilize quality glitter cardstock paper.

Glitter is a product that most people have an opinion of. No matter your personal feelings about loose glitter, there’s no denying that glitter can draw attention to where it’s needed most. The beautiful sheen that it gives to anything it touches draws the eye right to it without any extra effort. Utilizing glitter and glitter cardstock effectively can make a huge difference for a multitude of different applications. Our glitter cardstock is of the highest quality around, and we want to give you a few stunning applications for glitter cardstock so that you can make the most of it.

Scrapbooking Highlights

Scrapbooks lend themselves well to many different finishes and textures. A scrapbook without a little variety isn’t nearly as eye-catching as it could be. That’s where glitter cardstock can come in handy. Thanks to glitter’s natural ability to draw the eye to certain areas, you can use glitter cardstock to make a centerpiece page of your scrapbook that will grab the reader’s attention right away. Creating a great scrapbook doesn’t take much effort, but the right materials—such as quality glitter cardstock—can make a huge difference.

Wedding Invitations

One of the best applications for glitter cardstock is wedding invitations. While the use of high-quality cardstock for wedding invites is a regular practice, even those can get boring after someone receives too many. Wedding season can make every wedding invitation feel and look almost exactly the same. Glitter cardstock paper can give your wedding invitations the pop of shimmer and shine they need to make your guests remember the date without fail. No one wants an invite that will shed all over them, though, so using a good quality cardstock is a better option than adding glitter yourself.

Party Decorations

Any party can get more spruced up with the addition of glitter cardstock. It’s a particularly good choice for children’s parties. Buying glitter cardstock in bulk is a great way to give yourself lots of options when making decorations. You can give any party a little more glitz and glam with the addition of glitter cardstock decorations. Don’t settle for the things you find at the party store; make your party truly unique with a little extra work and a lot of glitter accents.

For great glitter cardstock that you can count on, look to Announcement Converters. We have a huge variety of glitter cardstocks in all kinds of sheens and colors, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your event.

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