Tips To Choosing the Best Paper for Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations have so many little details to consider. Here are a few tips that should make finding the perfect paper for them a little easier.

The number of decisions that couples make for their wedding day is truly staggering. Every little detail needs tending to, and even the smallest decision can feel like a huge deal. That’s how it is when crafting wedding invitations as well. The invites are an important part of the entire affair, so it pays to take some time and think about the details you want to focus on. The paper you choose can make a huge difference in the kind of invite you create; here are a few tips to choosing the best paper for wedding invitations.

Consider the Printer

Before you can make a final decision on the kind of paper you want to use, you need to consider how you’ll use that paper. Many people nowadays choose to print out their own wedding invitations, which is certainly a way that one could save some money. However, home printers tend not to have the same capabilities as commercial printers. If you decide you want special ink, embossing, or a highly textured paper, a commercial printer will most likely be the safer choice.

Heavier Cardstock Implies Formality and Importance

One of the simplest tips for choosing the best paper for wedding invites is to think about how formal you want the invite to appear. One good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the heavier your cardstock is, the more official and formal the invite seems. Heavier cardstock is more difficult to print on a home computer, but you’ll add a sense of gravitas to the invite when it isn’t on a simpler piece of paper.

Try Different Textures

Colors are often an easy selection since you’ll most likely choose colors that complement the wedding as a whole. Choosing the right texture, however, may take a little bit more effort. Don’t be afraid to play around with different paper textures. Everyone knows what a simple piece of paper feels like, but that isn’t your only option. Felt, parchment, linen, canvas—these textures can all give your wedding invitation a little more personality and individuality.

Change Style for Flat or Folding Invites

Deciding whether you want a folded or flat invitation is another detail that you don’t want to ignore. The choice can have an impact on other decisions for your invitations. For example, if you want your invitation to have a fold in it, you shouldn’t opt for a lightweight cardstock. On the other hand, heavier cardstock can make a flat invitation feel much better when someone holds it.

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