Why Nude Is the Right Neutral Choice for Your Envelopes

A neutral color for your envelopes is always a great choice. Read here why you should consider nude as a solid neutral option for your envelopes.

No matter what you plan on sending, the envelop you choose to send it in can say a lot. If you need an envelope that you can use for a wide variety of purposes, choose a neutral color that doesn’t distract the reader’s eye too much. For many people, a nude color is the perfect solution for their envelopes. Since the type of envelope you use can say a lot with just a little, we’ll show you why nude is the right neutral choice for your envelopes.

Professional Appearance

Neutral tones lend themselves well to professional documents and correspondence. You don’t want to send an important letter or bill to a client in a hot pink envelope (unless you want to appear unprofessional.) A nude color is a great choice for professional correspondence because it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and doesn’t fade into the background. A flat white color is also neutral but can easily get lost among other envelopes.

Versatile Design

Even if you don’t plan on using your neutral envelopes for professional purposes, you can still benefit from a nude palette. Stocking up on nude-colored envelopes is a safe bet because you can use them for almost any occasion without their appearance detracting from the content’s message. If you aren’t sure what color envelope to get, nude-colored ones will give you the most options in the long run.

Writing Clarity

Another big reason why nude is the right neutral choice for your envelopes is because they allow for any text to be easily identifiable and legible. Imagine using black ink to write an address on a dark blue envelope—you’d make things more difficult for everyone that tries to read it. Nude-colored envelopes are a good choice for when you need your text to stand out against the background. This can help ensure they arrive where they need to.

Color Composition

Just because your envelope is nude doesn’t mean you can’t use color in other places. Neutral colors in general—and nude as a color specifically—lend themselves well to being used with other colors. If you want your envelope to have some visual pop, a nude background gives you the perfect canvas for your other colors to stand out against.

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