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Paper & Cardstock - Cranes Crest Paper & Envelopes | Cotton Letterpress Paper

Paper & Cardstock - Cranes Crest Paper & Envelopes | Cotton Letterpress Paper

Wholesale Cardstock Paper

Announcement Converters supplies a large range of wholesale cardstock paper in an assortment of sizes, colors, and finishes. Cardstock is a paper variety that’s widely known for its versatility. Due to its thickness, cardstock is an excellent paper option for countless projects. From homemade cards, scrapbooking, origami, and everything in between, cardstock paper is the perfect option. At Announcement Converters, we believe that paper and cardstock are the carriers of the printed word which is why we provide our customers with one of the largest, assorted cardstock selection for immediate sale anywhere in the country.


For all of your paper and project needs, Announcement Converters supplies customers with an assortment of wholesale cardstock paper that ranges in color, size, finish, and more. Our assorted cardstock comes in a variety of colors ranging from Brown Bag Kraft to a stunning Merlot. For our customers who love to add a little sparkle to their work, we have an inventory of Glitter Cardstock that’s perfect for all their bright projects. Additionally, many of our cardstock paper is available in different finishes--gloss, grainy, foil, matte, metallic, etc. Most of our assorted cardstock come in bulk packaging; choose from sheet packs of 50, 100, 250, and more. Announcement Converters even offer customers with cardstock paper that’s printer compatible. Many of our cardstock paper options are compatible with Laser, HP Indigo, and Inkjet. So, if you need to print out a fun invite or greeting card, Announcement Converters has just the cardstock for you!

Cranes Crest Paper & Envelopes

Crane's Crest paper and envelopes is the world's leader in 100% cotton business papers. Crane's name is world renowned, and Crane's Crest is their signature paper. Announcement Converters stocks Crane's Crest kid finish papers in three colors in weights ranging from 80# text all the way up to 268# cover ready to ship the same day. Whether you’re looking for specialty paper and envelopes for your business or for personal use, Crane’s Crest paper and envelopes are a wonderful pure cotton option! Shop your cotton paper needs here with Announcement Converters today.